Inertia Productions Reviews

Once again, Inertia Productions have taken a superior, edgy script and given it a superior, edgy production. As their production last season of Watching and Waiting showed, this is a company that has its finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary paranoia. It is also a company that has the vision, talent, and guts to turn a pervading sense of fear into smoothly provocative entertainment.

Inertia's production of Life During Wartime, like Watching and Waiting before it, was one of those examples of outstanding theatre on any level, a work to be savored and remembered for its willingness to take risks, its supreme self-confidence in itself and its audience, and the sheer professional, theatrical energy that set it firmly in a class by itself - first class, all the way.

- Doug Devita, OOBR

President, Producing Director, Battery Lane Film and Stage 2003-Present

Rocco's Dead
The Dead Cat
{Rocco's Dead}- 2010
15 min. DV SAG Short

Mommy Mafia

Mommy Mafia

President, Managing Director, Inertia Productions 1998-2002:

Intimate Strangers
- June 1999
John Houseman Studio Too

The House of Yes
- March 1999
Currican Theater

Watching and Waiting - January 2000
Judith Anderson Theatre

Watching and Waiting
- March 2000
Manhattan Theatre Source

Life During Wartime - September 2000
Currican Theater
Winner OOBR Award for Outstanding Theatre Production

Boise, Idaho - April 2002
Actor's Movement Studio